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I made this piece to express the richness of the colour blue, and all its paradoxes. I was inspired by ancient stained glass and grisaille works. Throughout this embroidery, I aim to express the ambiguity between dreams and nightmares.


The blue bird which symbolises the ideal is opposed to the devil. The columbine is opposed to the pure Marian rose. All these oppositions represent a certain balance, symbolised by the merge of the blue wolf and the fawn doe, which gave birth to all heros. This piece invitates us to take advantage of our paradoxes to be brave and fierce.


Cabbage and ink dyed silk, Crochet and needle embroidered beads. It took me approximately 100 hours to achieve this piece.

Paradox blue

SKU: 227
  • Technical details

    Mounted on a wooden frame

    Hook for hanging


Ligne dorée.png
Ligne dorée.png
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