Each piece of jewellery is unique and handmade. I shape them one by one. The earrings are either mounted on a 925 silver, on a 14K gold filled frame, or on a 14K rose gold filled frame, by hand with an invisible thread.


The earrings are available in many colour declinations. They are approximately 6 to 8 cm long.


Each piece is packed in a handmade packaging, on hand recycled paper !


Declinations (Picture 2) :



1. Lurex argenté et blanc, cordonnet de coton

2. Coton imprimé bleuté, organza, scoubidou

3. Coton chiné bleu, scoubidou

4. Coton bleu imprimé, queue de rat jaune fluo

5. Coton vert gris imprimé, scoubidou

6. Coton vert & argent, scoubidou

7. Tissu bleu, jaune & argent, scoubidou

8. Coton gris, scoubidou

9. Tissu gris et beige pointes argentées, scoubidou

10. Tissu chiné noir et beige, forme coeur, scoubidou

11. Soie blanche pointes argentées, scoubidou

12. Viscose rose pâle pointes argentées, cordon lurex



13. Laine bleu pointes dorées, cordon lurex

14. Soie kaki, cordon lurex



15. Laine et lurex jaune, scoubidou

16. Coton blanc, forme coeur, queue de rat vieux rose

17. Soie rose, scoubidou

18. Coton chiné rouge et gris, scoubidou rouge

19. Tissu chiné rouge, écru et brun, scoubidou



Those feathers will be perfect to enhance your face with originality and elegance !

Midsize Penelope's feathers earrings

  • Production

    It takes seven different steps to make a feather. To create the perfect pair of earrings, I need to repeat each step twice identically for the two earrings to look alike... Those feathers are made up of cords and fabric scraps which I unweave by hand, thread by thread, just like Penelope waiting for Ulysses. I ivented this technique myself. It took me hours to research and make tests in order to perfect the process. It allows me to revalue all kinds of fabrics. The feather is hardened with guar resin and a water-based textile hardener.

  • Maintenance

    Do not submerge. If stained, carefully clean with a moist cotton bud. Comb delicately with an thin comb or a soft brush. My feathers are made to last. So, if the finishing of your jewel has shaded, send it to me and I will renovate it !

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Ligne dorée.png