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Each piece of jewellery is unique and handmade. I shape them one by one. The bracelet is adjustable thanks to a glass bead. Each piece is packed in a handmade packaging, on hand recycled paper !


Declinations (Pictures 1 & 2) :


1. Or

2. Argent


This leaf will magnify your wrist with lightness and delicacy.

Iridescent leaf bracelet

  • Production

    The leaves are handmade following the Crochet de Lunéville technique, with different metallic threads. Their shapes are modular thanks to a stainless steel thread which is encrusted at the edge of the leaf.

  • Maintenance

    Thoroughly put aside. If stained, carefully clean with a moist cotton bud.

  • Bracelet adjustment

    Pull on each side of the bead to put it on, then pull again to adjust it. To make sure it stays in the right position, you can make a knot around the bead.

Ligne dorée.png
Ligne dorée.png
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