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Each piece of jewellery is unique and handmade. I shape them one by one. Each pendant is approximately 7 cm long and is mounted either on a natural, golden or rose golden 925 silver frame. A metal or glass bead ornates the chain. Each piece is packed in a handmade packaging, on hand recycled paper !


With or without the 40 cm chain, assorted stainless steel or golden stainless steel depending on the frame colour.


Declinations (Pictures 2 to 5) :



1. Lin rose & inox



2. Lurex et viscose blanche argentée

3. Lurex bleu roi

4. Lurex et viscose grise argentée


( The pendant goes without the chain )

This leaf will ornate your chest with elegance and delicacy. You can also wear it at the wrist, as a charm.

Iridescent leaf pendant

  • Production

    The leaves are handmade following the Crochet de Lunéville technique, with different mettalic threads to create shades. Their shapes are modular thanks to a brass thread which is encrusted at the edge of the leaf.

  • Maintenance

    Thoroughly put aside. If stained, carefully clean with a moist cotton bud.

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Ligne dorée.png
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