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This collection is inspired by the Peuplier Argenté tree also called Populus alba. Its leaves have a green side and a white side. When there is wind, they create a beautiful shining and undulating bunch.

Each jewel is a unique piece which I make using the embroidery Lunéville crochet technique. Each component is made up of organza or veil, embroidered with metallic threads, glass beads, ribbons and thin metallic tools. The jewel is mounted on a 12cm long silver plated hairpin. The pendant is approximately 12 cm long. Each order is packed in a handmade packaging. The jewels are really light to wear.


Declinations (Images 2 to 4) :


1. Organza et queue de rat bleue

2. Organza et ruban vert

3. Voile et queue de rat rose


This hairpin will enhance your hairdresses with elegance and originality !

Populus alba hairpin

  • Production

    The leaves are handmade using the Lunéville crochet embroidery technique. I use different metallic threads and ribbons and coloured glass beads.

  • Maintenance

    Thoroughly put aside. If stained, carefully clean with a moist cotton bud.

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Ligne dorée.png
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