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  Jungle exquise symbolises the encounter between the pure beauty of nature and the somptuous frivolities of the 18th century. The sparkling materials melt with the raw ones, giving birth to a new kind of nature, in which fauna and flora become style-conscious individuals !

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Jungle exquise cares about environment. My approach consists in working as much as possible with scraps, things I gather or with discontinued items. I'm convinced that this constraint generates beauty. So an element can vary from a piece to another. That is why each creation is really a unique piece.

I use the scraps of all my creations to make unique and qualitative packagings. Each feather packaging support is made up of 100% recycled textile paper made by myself ! I also assemble each envelope and business card by hand ! The packaging format was conceived to be as light as possible, to reduce the environmental impacts due to shipping.

You can also find some Penelope's feather in the following French stores :


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