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Fifteen years ago I fell in love with art embroidery. It is for me the most magical way of conveying emotions. I love to reflect on how to take people out of themselves for a few minutes, mixing colours and materials. For all these reasons I offer my art embroidery services to help you fulfill your craziest projects, whether you are a brand or an individual. Because there is nothing embroidery cannot do and it has no limit !

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          Any embroidery starts with a drawing, a pattern or     at least a draft. I make more or less elaborate drawings for all types of embroidery. I also design patterns for printing. Sometimes, a simple draft is enough to move on to the embroidery. Other times, it requires a more elaborate and realistic drawing with precise colours. It all depends mainly on your wish ! In this slideshow you will see different types of drawings and patterns. Below on this same page, you will discover the outcome of some of it once embroidered !

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