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The « Nemalion » chair symbolises a poetic wreck, from which the seaweed would have beautifully taken possession on. « Brought back by the waves, the Nemalion chair emerges. Modern times wreck, it proudly displays its seaweed jewellery. »


I have entirely rethought and refurbished this 60 's chair by myself. It is a unique piece refurbished and embroidered by hand. It is made up of chrome steel and green velvet.


The seat and backrest structure is made up of ferm high resilience 38 kg/m3 Polyurethane foam for the interior and softer high resilience 35kg/m3 Polyurethane foam for the last lining.


The seat has a maximum height of 6 cm and a minimum height of 5cm. The backrest has a maximum depth of 5cm and a minimum depth of 3cm.


Total volume dimensions : 82x40x40cm, Seat volume dimensions : 6x40x38cm, Backrest volume dimensions : 28x39x6cm.


The embroidery is made up of diverse threads, fabric ribbons and glass beads.


For a unique and sparkling interior !

Némalion : Embroidered chair

SKU: 228
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